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Appliance care tips

Appliances are a big investment for any household. Without being an expert in appliance repair, there ARE things you can do to help prolong the life of your household appliances.

Read the manual

Yes, this isn’t exactly a stimulating read, but appliance manuals are full of valuable information. They will include recommendations for usage, care and maintenance. Often times the need to call an appliance technician could have been avoided by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Don’t have the manual? Look it up online!

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There are a number of things you can do to improve the lifespan and performance of your refrigerator.

• Clean the coils at least once a year. Steps: 1. Disconnect power (either unplug, or turn off circuit). Step 2. Typically found behind the front grill or a rear access panel, use a coil cleaning brush to brush away the dust and debris. Step 3. Vacuum the debris. 

• Clean and replace the door gasket as needed.

• For manual defrost refrigerators/freezers, When ice reaches 1/2″ in thickness, defrost your refrigerator.

• For self-defrosting models you’ll want to periodically clean the pan at the bottom of your refrigerator to avoid bacteria growth, and foul smells.

Washers and Dryers

Enjoy cleaner clothers, and a longer lasting washer and dryer by following a few guidelines.

• Use HE (high efficiency) detergent. Non HE detergents are very sudsy and today’s washers don’t use enough water to break those suds down.

• Leave the front door open after a front loading machine’s wash cycle. Manufacturers recommend doing this to help dry the machine out and prevent mildew.

• Smaller loads! Overloading washers wears washing machines out. Keep your loads to manageable sizes and enjoy cleaner clothes, and a longer lasting appliance.

• Clean your exhaust. At least one a year, detach your dryer vent hose and clean it out with a brush or blow it out.

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ovens / ranges

Keep your oven or stove operating at peak performance.

• Self cleaning? Maybe. Maybe not.  You may come out unscathed by using the self cleaning cycle. You might also find yourself with a burnt out control panel due to the extreme heat. The effectiveness varies from model to model.  You can’t go wrong with good old fashioned elbow grease to keep your oven in top working order. 

• Door cleaning. Cleaning the inside and outside of the door glass is important to prevent spills and spatters from staining the glass when the oven heats up. For difficult stains, use a heavy duty degreaser.

• Recalibrate your oven. If your oven temperature seems off, or not heating right you might try recalibrating your temperature setting. To do this you’ll need an oven thermometer and your owner’s manual (available online if you don’t have one). Many model numbers are located on the oven’s frame behind the main door.

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