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Is Your Washer Making Noise?

Washing Machine Needing Repair?

Not so fast. It might be an easier fix than you think!

You know the sound. Thump thump thump thump…..as the walls in your home shake from your washing machine being out of balance. Rearranging the load will often resolve an out of balance washer, but what happens when it doesn’t?

Maybe your washer is going out of balance more frequently than it used to. How do you know when it’s time to call an appliance repair company for an in house washer repair? This is definitely a symptom you don’t want to ignore (and who COULD, with all that noise)?

Severe, or violent banging can case extensive damage to your washing machine. So what should you do?

Is your washer level?

Well, first let’s start with the basics. Give it a physical inspection. I’d recommend doing this before calling an appliance repair company. If this is a new washing machine, or you recently moved your washer, double check to make sure no shipping materials (plastic spacers) were left behind. 

Is your washing machine level? If not, it will begin to rock during the spin cycle, and could be the cause of your problem. washer dryer repair
How to check: Grab the washing machine and see if it rocks when you push down or pull up on one of the corners. If it “rocks”, even a slight bit that’s an obvious sign that your washer’s not sitting level. Next, you can use a level, to see if your washing machine is sitting level on the floor.
Run the level both side to side, and front to back to make sure the bubble settles in the center of the level. It’s imperative that your washer sits perfectly level, to prevent becoming unbalanced. 
All four legs need to be in firm contact with the floor to maintain balance during the spin cycle. If they’re not level, most washing machines have adjustable leveling legs or feet that you can raise or lower to bring your washing machine back to level. 
OK, so my washing machine is level, and it’s still out of balance. Now what?

Often overlooked cause of out of balance washer

Seems so simple but what type of floor is your washer sitting on? Hopefully not carpet! How’s the subfloor? Is it solid, or does it have a little “play” in it? If it isn’t solid, the vibrations will become amplified.
One potential resolution (assuming your subfloor isn’t solid), is to use a piece of ¾”, or even better: 1” plywood under your washer. Preferably a large piece to dissipate the vibration. Having a solid foundation for your washer is so important to proper washer performance.
How are your load sizes?
Are your loads too big?
This is the most common reason for washing machines to become unbalanced.
Jamming too many clothes, or huge comforters in the washing machine is a recipe for loud banging from your washer. Keeping load sizes to a reasonable amount will reduce the instances of your washer becoming unbalanced.
Smaller load sizes will also prolong the life of your washing machine, and will also result in fewer washing machine repairs!
Again, no need to call a washer repair service if you’re simply overloading your washing machine.
What happens if none of these have fixed your washing machine from becoming unbalanced?
Plan "B"
This is where it becomes a bit more involved. Now we’re into disassembly and diagnose mode.
If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer”, there are tons of resources online that can assist if you’re wanting to diagnose, and attempt to repair your washer yourself. Of course, this doesn’t always go as planned. Washer and dryer repair company
Modern washing machines are easy to operate, but often complex to fix. As an example, this one symptom could be caused by:
1. The drum in your washing machine could be in need of tightening. This washer repair will vary by the make and model of your washing machine.
2. Your tub seal or bearing could be in need of replacing. Again, a very model-specific diagnosis and repair. Don’t cut corners. We always recommend using OEM, or factory original parts for washer repairs.
3. If you’ve got a front load washing machine, your washing machine has shock absorbers that are designed to absorb movement from the tub during the spin cycle. These could be in need of replacing.
4. If you’ve got a top load washer that’s out of balance, you’ve potentially got a snubber ring that has worn out. You’ll need to remove the suspension springs in order to get to and replace the snubber ring.
Additional components that could be the culprit include: Dampening straps, driver bearings, and more.
Definitely not fun!
Time For Affordable Washer Repair?
The great news, is help is only a call away. By calling a local appliance repair company, a professional appliance repair technician will be able to correctly diagnose and repair your washer.
The importance of your washing machine emphasizes how important it is to hire only the best appliance repair service in your area.
If you’re in southern California and Googling “appliance repair near me”, or
“best appliance repair services in Pasadena”, you’ve found the right company.
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Need washer repair?

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