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Sub-Zero Condenser Cleaning & Maintenance

Protect and Extend the Longevity of Your Investment

Scheduled Maintenance For Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator

To keep your Sub-Zero Refrigerator running in top-rate condition, maintenance is necessary. Refrigerator condenser coils may become blocked by pet hair and dust, which hinders the refrigerator’s ability to shed heat and can lead to component failures, like your refrigerator’s compressor, which is a costly repair.  We recommend cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils twice a year and more often if you have pets.  Regularly scheduled cleanings increase your refrigerator’s performance and lifespan.  

Along with Sub-Zero, any other brand of built-in refrigeration should have scheduled maintenance such as Viking, GE Monogram, and Kitchen Aid brand appliances.  

We recommend annual or bi-annual schedule maintenance because catching issues before they become larger problems can save you money in the long run and protect your investment.

Service Includes:

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I can vouch for Andrew (he has just recently branched out own his own) and his crew that they are professional and experienced in all appliance repairs.  They try their best to be on time and always courteous.  I have used Andy for all of my appliances including my Sub-Zero which he has maintained for over fifteen years. They are definitely my first call when something goes wrong!!!

Susan G.
Upland, California